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Glistening with Glamor :: Fabulous Shirts :: Celebrity Dresses

celebrity dressesEvery once in a while we all need the best-cut shirts, celebrity dresses, or knock out evening wear. Usually the first occasion we get to dress a million dollars is at our High School Prom, and if we’re lucky, we’ll get many more occasions to look spectacular throughout our lives. But how do you find that cool fitted shirt or Hollywood star dress? A search online is a good place to start.

Ready for your close-up?

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of making the most of ourselves and our clothes is creating a balanced idea of our own strengths and short-comings. We all have them, believe it or not, even Brad Pitt (apparently he thinks his legs are too thin)! On the one hand you don’t want to mimic Victoria Beckham’s style if you also enjoy regular trips to the diner (or just enjoy eating for that matter…) Neither do you want to hide yourself under a tent as if you’re Mama Cass. Be aware of your strengths and play to them. The best way to find some red carpet dresses with your name blazoned all over them is to find some celebrities whose style you like and are similar to you in size and build. You’ve got the whole of Hollywood, LA, New York, London, Paris and Milan to choose from…

And for the gentlemen…

There is far less pressure on men to sport the latest fashions on that fabulous night out. However, there are also many a faux pas that need to be avoided. You’ll first need to know if the dress code is formal. If it is, forget the lounge suit, casual jacket or blazer: it has to be proper evening wear. This is where the fun begins… Basically speaking avoid anything remotely ‘novel’, and respect your own age. If you’re under 35, lucky you, and you should be able to get away with a wing collar. Older than 35, don’t do it! Dinner suits are BLACK and dinner shirts are WHITE. Don’t try and be clever and go for the lilac – you’ll look an idiot!

Thankfully most prestigious nights out these days don’t call for formal evening dress. This is no reason why a woman shouldn’t bring out one of her red carpet dresses, and it does give men much more freedom. At the moment, the best smart casual shirts have deep bold colors and are as fitted as your figure allows. If the consequences of good living haven’t expanded your waistline, an Italian-style fitted shirt is perfect. For those of us with more ‘baggage’, don’t squeeze yourself into a fitted shirt like toothpaste back into the tube: go for a looser more accommodating fit.

When its time to go out everyone wants to dress to impress. There’s no reason why men shouldn’t find online a fantastic choice of smart and impressive shirts. Celebrity dresses are also a cinch to find; all you need to discover is who you want to be!

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