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A Registry Cleaner — Registry Mechanic

registry cleanerIf you’re looking for a good registry cleaner, then Registry Mechanic is a great choice that can check your Registry for errors that may slow down or even crash your computer. Additionally, the program gives you a full set of great toys for searching through your Registry for errors and quickly repairing them with minimal fuss. It goes through a few tests by referencing uninstalled programs, missing help files, virtual devices and broken aliases, as well as removing orphaned fonts and .ini files.

Main features

The software very clearly and efficiently displays the possible optimizations, so you can quickly decide whether you want to go through with it or not. In addition to this, it can fix errors and clean up any mess on your system.

One of the other great features is that the registry cleaner contains a lot of built-in performance presets, which will allow you to quickly implement the changes you want in your Registry.

Privacy is a big concern as well, and the software can keep your PC and online activities private as well as giving you the power to permanently delete files that were erased.

What are the advantages of Registry Mechanic?

The software has over 60 million downloads and is one of the most trusted and widely used on the market. It can clean up your PC and fix most errors that it comes across.

Additionally, the registry cleaner will keep your data private and secure.

Safely clean, repair and optimize your registry with just a few clicks. This is an important maintenance step to complete at least once a week, along with virus checking and defragmentation. If there are errors in your Registry, then you can lose your data and possibly even suffer a huge system crash.

Additionally, because of errors in the Registry, the whole computer can slow down significantly. If you do this regularly, then you will need system updates less frequently as well.

Super fast speeds

Many programs of this nature slow down your computer significantly by hogging all the system resources and the memory while they are working. Additionally, they can sometimes take many hours to finally complete and you end up having to leave the computer on all night performing the maintenance tasks.

But this registry cleaner is well known for its super fast speeds. You can safely do the cleaning job while you get on with your other tasks on your computer with the Window going on in the background.

After you are done with the repair, Registry Mechanic will compress the remaining files so you can organize it all even more. This means your computing experience will be even faster.

Some other features

Registry defragger — find all the fragments in your Registry and patch them to where they were orphaned from. Speeds things up.

Tuneup services — optimizes Windows boot services.

Monitoring — tracks system’s Registry in real time giving plenty of info to help you boost your productivity.

Without a doubt Registry Mechanic, is one of the best on the market at only $29.95.

Find out more about registry cleaners at:

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