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ECN Review of V2 Cig

v2 cigsElectronic Cigarette Nation is considered one of the foremost websites to get information and a host of review of e-cigarettes materialĀ on the web. The site is organized into various categories that will make it easy for you to find information about the latest electronic cigarettes news. There is a blog, contests, affiliates and contact information apart from the reviews and organization of a number of different e-cigarettes brands

ECN Review of V2 cigs

V2 cigs are considered one of the top brands on the market and are in fact rated number one by ECN. V2 e cigarettes come with a starter kit and have a number of positive aspects compared to other brands of electronic cigarettes. They rank the highest in cost vs. value, style, vapor production, range of flavors, customer service, speed of shipment and even the overall ratings. V2 Cigs have received a total of 23 positive user reviews with zero negative ones. They are storming the market and are a strong contender of Premium Electronic Cigarettes.

How do they work?

They come in a two piece design, made up of the atomizer and liquid refill cartridge in one section and the lithium ion battery and LED light in the other section.

When the user inhales on the V2 Cig, the LED light lights up, showing that everything is working in order and the battery is fully recharged. During inhalation, the device in the cartridge injects liquid nicotine into the atomizer in the middle chamber, which is then instantly vaporized using the energy produced by the lithium ion battery. The vapor is re-injected into the inhaler where it is breathed in by the user.

What are the advantages of V2 Cigs compared to traditional cigarettes?

Clearly the biggest advantage to these electronic cigarettes is that they produce the thrill and joy of smoking without the horrible smoke. Second hand smoke is becoming a big issue and it is because of this that smoking has become banned in many public places. Electronic cigarettes may herald the return of smokers and non smokers getting along side by side, as the vapor from the e cigarettes is undetectable and only felt by the primary user of the product.

Additionally, none of the health affects associated with burning tobacco are found in e-cigs. There is no danger to the lungs from tar, neither is there any danger from the lung cancer causing agents found in tobacco or any other additives that are put into cigarettes by the brand makers.

What do you get in the V2 Cigs starter kits?

Every kit contains a host of accessories in addition to the basic cigarettes. Each cigarette comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. 10 basic cartridges are shipped as well as a USB charger, a/c wall adaptor and a user manual

If you pick a travel kit then you can also get a car charger, charging case and a V2 NoteBook-cig.

Make sure you investigate as many review of e-cigarettesĀ documents that you can find before you decide on one you would like to buy.


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